Thursday, September 2, 2021

Happy Hawaiian Holiday - day "minus 3" - The deck is painted

The back deck is painted (still at home for 3 more days before departure). Behind the deck, see our covered grill and 11.5 kw Generac full-house generator. The deck has been pretty unsightly for a couple years and I used my pre-trip time off to paint, trim the bushes, use the leaf blower to clear the beech nuts from the driveway, mow the lawn, and rest my back. I don't have back problems, and I will be fine by tomorrow, but us old geezers get stiff from painting and yardwork all in the same day.

The weather today was amazingly nice, high 60s Fahrenheit and sunny (which is why I pushed myself so hard). We send our best wishes to the south and eastern seaboard as they recover from the heavy rains of hurricane Ida. That weather system did not get to western New York State. Unless the jet inventory is disrupted, we should not have trouble getting to Chicago and then flying over the wildfires in the west and finally to Kona.

The virus numbers in Hawaii dropped substantially for a couple days but then spiked back up yesterday. We have our N95 masks for indoor events and flights, and cloth or cheaper masks for outdoor events.

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