Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Happy Hawaiian Holiday - day 3 - golf and luau


Greg and Dan and Gary played the Beach Course and Lakes Course (total 18 holes) at Waikoloa. Above is the beautiful 6th hole on the Beach Course with a view of the ocean. We each had good shots and bad shots and we almost ran out of balls. The weather was beautiful but pretty warm, so we definitely felt tired at the end, but it was great to be together.

In the evening, we attended the Hilton resort's luau. Luau events are part traditional food, part traditional music and part traditional storytelling, but some people fault luaus for being expensive and crafted for tourists. But, we enjoyed the food and show. The pandemic has reduced the capacity of practically everything, but good for us since there is more space and shorter lines. The final item below is a video clip.

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