Friday, September 10, 2021

Happy Hawaiian Holiday - day 5 - beach, stargazing


The background almost looks fake, but it's real, me and Susan in a beach cabana at Hilton Waikoloa Village.

In the morning we used up the breakfast food in our suite, with Sue making her feta scrambled eggs . Then for dinner, Greg grilled steaks by the hotel pool.

In the evening, we drove to Mauna Kea where there is an astronomical observatory and research station. Only true four-wheel drive vehicles are allowed to the 13000 foot summit due to the steepness of the road, so most visitors stay at the visitor center at 9000 feet. It was drizzly at sunset at 6:40 pm, but we waited, and the skies cleared around 7:15, and we saw the milky way and a shooting star, and of course, lots of other stars.

Finally, we packed for tomorrow's flights when Greg goes back home and Dan and Lauren and Su and Gary go to Maui.

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