Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Happy Hawaiian Holiday - day 10 - Lahaina

Lahaina is on Maui's northwest coast. This picture shows some boats on the water and the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

The drive from Kihei is about 25 miles. It is pretty much bumper to bumper, 50 miles per hour, mostly one lane each way. The road is well maintained, but busy. The road runs along the coast with great ocean views, but for all the traffic, there are practically no services between Kihei and Lahaina. No gas stations, no drug stores and no banks. We were looking for a bank to get quarters for the B&B's washer and dryer. The traffic lights near the towns are agonizingly long. Near the towns there are two lanes in each direction, and by the time a light turns green, there are 30 cars backed up in each lane.

But, we made it to Lahaina, which has a long strip of stores selling artwork (Susan loved the art galleries and bought a couple prints), clothing, food and drink, etc. We found a Tommy Bahama store with a bar, with a stunning view. The photo was taken from across the street, but this is pretty much the view from the bar. Men's Hawaiian shirts sold for well over $100 and I did not buy clothes, but I have been planning to buy a shirt in Honolulu. A young woman "Cassie" was singing lounge music, and she reminded me of Buffalo native Ani Difranco ( ), so I passed Ani's name along. Any up-and-coming female singer should be familiar with Ani.

We had dinner at Fleetwood's, owned by Mick Fleetwood. Mick was not present. Great seafood, lobster tacos, kanpachi and stuffed prawns. Like all places we have been, the crowd is well spaced due to Covid restrictions.

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