Sunday, March 26, 2017

Vanity surfing and others with my name

In the course of vanity surfing, I found another person named "Gary Gocek". He is named as a co-author on some documents that found their way to the public web. I found his email address and sent him a note. No response.

I looked on Facebook and found another "Gary Gocek". I think the FB guy is the son of the co-author guy. The FB guy seems to be inactive on FB and has not responded to my friend requests.

Based on the way American and Polish and Turkish names work, it is likely that we are the only three people who have ever existed with the name "Gary Gocek", and we live within a couple hundred miles of each other. I'm just bummed out that the other two guys don't want to respond. I don't get it, really.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Julian and Joan

On the event of my mother's death, feel free to donate to my parents' preferred charities.

Julian Gocek died March 26, 2015. He was proud of his military service. See . In his memory:

Army Emergency Relief
Attn: Donations
200 Stovall Street
Room 5S33
Alexandria, VA 22332-0600

Joan Gocek died March 2, 2017. She was proud of her whole family, including her granddaughter, an accomplished rider with the Cazenovia College equestrian team. In her memory:

Cazenovia College
Attn: Amy Sherrick-von Schiller
Box N
22 Sullivan Street
Cazenovia, NY 13035

Saturday, January 7, 2017

PEDs versus everything else

It's socially acceptable to change gender via surgeries and long-term hormone treatments.
It's socially acceptable to use marijuana to treat illnesses.
It's socially acceptable to follow the latest diet craze.
It's socially acceptable to get braces or eyeglasses or plastic surgery or tattoos or body piercings.
It's socially acceptable to alter your mood or your headache with drugs; indeed, 10% of American children take drugs for behavioral conditions such as ADHD.

And I think all the above are fine, under the proper supervision.

But God forbid a guy takes PEDs to hit more home runs. That would be cheating!