Monday, September 9, 2019

France day 7 of 17, Gary's French skills

This photo is from day 2 of our France trip, that's Jean d'Arc at L'église de la Madeleine. But at dinner on day 7 (Sept 8), I had my little success at speaking French. The waiter was a goofy little guy, and the restaurant was not busy, so he talked to us now and again in decent but imperfect English, and he complimented me on my mediocre French.

When we were done and ready for the check, I said, "Nous avons finis." (We have finished.)
And he said, "Moi, aussi, ha ha ha ." In other words, he was joking that he'd like to be finished, also.
And I said, "C'est d'accord." In other words, it was OK with me that he should also be finished. Ha ha ha.

I know that doesn't sound like much, but the cool thing was that I was not translating in my head. I was simply having a little joke with the waiter, en français.

On day 8, the Louvre.

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