Tuesday, September 10, 2019

France day 9 of 17, towers looking toward Dad's WWII stop

On our 9th day, Sept 10, I had considered a visit to Saclay, a village southwest of Paris listed in the logs of my father's WWII company. However, I wasn't seeing any Ubers in that area, which is about 10 kilometers past the closest Metro stop. We decided it would have been hard to get to Saclay, or expensive to hire a driver, so I settled for a photo.

This first photo is from the Montparnasse office building in southern Paris, looking southwest from the 56th floor observation deck, toward Saclay. Hi, Dad.

Walking from the Eiffel Tower to a Metro stop, we came across a memorial area on a bridge over the Seine. I translated this for myself, it essentially honors the French resistance during WWII, and a particular battle against enemy divisions.

Immediately next to this memorial area, we traded cameras with two young Japanese women and took each others' photos. The angle was intentionally artistic.

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