Sunday, October 29, 2023

Hamas responsible but is Israel remorseful?

I read in an October, 2023 Wall Street Journal editorial by William McGurn that Hamas is morally responsible for the deaths of civilians because Hamas uses civilians as shields. I agree, but Israel pulls the trigger. Israel cuts of the water, food and power, and Israel drops the bombs. Therefore, I wonder if Israel is remorseful for killing babies and crippling hospitals. Israel should express remorse and describe plans for avoiding collateral damage. The USA does not strafe the Rio Grande to wipe out the migrants attempting to violate American borders. The USA feeds them.

Monday, September 4, 2023 redesign

And now my personal home page ( has been redesigned using a look-and-feel similar to the recently redesigned home page at Key goals were to be responsive and mobile-friendly. I fixed more Adsense syntax. The text content is now less wordy, and the images in the main body are small.

Monday, August 28, 2023

Home page redesign

 I redesigned the home page to be more responsive and mobile-friendly. I fixed a bunch of external links that had changed, and fixed some Adsense syntax. For years, I made it known that I own, and All three addresses work the same, and in fact, is the physically hosted address (org and com are mirrors). But from a branding perspective, I only care about, so I have removed some text referring to the other domain extensions. And a few months ago, I added SSL, so use https instead of http. I added SSL because search engines have become less friendly to non-SSL sites, although I am not really sure why unless the site is doing e-commerce, which I am not.