Tuesday, September 3, 2019

France day 2 of 17, arrival

The AirFrance flight experience was very nice. We left Monday evening from Toronto and arrived Tuesday morning, so this is technically day 2.

We will be in Paris for nine nights, so we figured we should bump up the room category. The Hotel Waldorf Madeleine on Boulevard Malesherbes has three sizes of rooms with optional amenities such as breakfast. We ended up with the largest size room and the daily breakfast, for a better rate than expected. It is a lovely room, on the corner of a triangular shaped building, so we have three windows on two walls. We can squeeze out onto the wraparound balcony, but it's very narrow and not made for people. The WiFi comes at no extra charge and works well.
This is not a business hotel, so some wall outlets are a bit tough to access, but our phones and wearables will get charged.

Customer reviews suggest the smaller rooms are pretty small. We will be very comfortable in this room, but if you're planning to follow our footsteps, know that this is not at the economy price point.

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  1. Happy to see you arrived safely. This is such a wonderful adventure. Keep us posted.