Sunday, June 27, 2021

Epic B&B weekend - D3 #1 - departure


And on Sunday, we departed.
Breakfast featured various fruits and vegetables, eggs, bacon, coconut, juices and more. We got to tell our B&B friends all about the fairies and spooks and wine.

We had brought a bottle of champagne to drink at the B&B, but by the time we returned from dinner, we didn't want to open a whole bottle and only have a glass. Maybe tonight, at home!

Thanks for reading about our weekend.

Epic B&B weekend - D2 #2 - dinner, winding down


Dinner at Prosecco, Farmington, NY
We escaped the spook of Middlesex and made it back to the Sutherland House B&B. We went to dinner, and it happened to be the evening following Canandaigua high school's graduation ceremony, so the area was hopping. The eggplant parm was great, although this rather a modern American restaurant with an Italian name with a big parking lot on a busy road.

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Epic B&B weekend - D2 #1 - fairies, spooks & wine

Began with watermelon with a sauce, then a salad, then eggs benedict, finally a coffee cake. This description does not do it justice, all tres gourmet.

Next, to the Birdsong Fairy Trail.
This is in Mendon Ponds, a county park of Monroe County near Rochester, NY. Park in the lot next to the Wild Wings bird sanctuary and nature center. Walk from the parking lot, but bear left away from the nature center, and after a short walk, you will see the sign for the trail. A local artist placed fairy doors on the trees. Just search for this on the internet for all the details. For adults, this is cute, and definitely a place to walk with little kids.

We visited the nearby bird sanctuary.
That's my selfie with a bald eagle in the background. It is cool how these birds of prey watch you as you walk by. On this day, a blue jay stole the show, quite the ham (no photo here). He ate seeds next to the fencing and chirped.

We went to Spook Hill in Middlesex, NY. Search for that on the internet, look for the great Youtube video. You drive over a hill and stop the car on Newell Road, and put the car in neutral. You clearly see you're looking downhill. You take your foot off the brake, and the spook pushes your car backwards, and you have gotta be rolling up a steep hill, right? The web sites explain the exact location. It's called a "gravity hill", a very cool illusion. And only a few miles from Naples.

Hazlitt's Red Cat Cellars, Naples, NY.

Always fun to do a wine tasting, and we bought a Gewurtztraminer and a Cabernet.

However, last February, we visited Inspire Moore in Naples, and I wanted a couple more bottles of their Blaufrankisch. They had none for sale due to an upcoming event, but I still left happy with a couple bottle of their Wisdom Cabernet Franc. Trust me, visit Inspire Moore.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Epic B&B weekend - D1 #2 - arrival and dinner

We have arrived at the Sutherland House B&B outside Canandaigua.

 Lounging before dinner.
We are still in the USA.

Dinner at Bon Ami French Bistro.
This little place in downtown Canandaigua is one of our favorites anywhere. A French Bordeaux. Salmon with a mustard glaze, linguine with shrimp, French onion soup, a ratatouille appetizer, and a cobbler with pear and  chocolate. Prices are surprisingly moderate, and it is one of very few places we have been to in the USA where no customer arrives in a torn tank top. (No dress code, just saying the clientele have an upscale understanding of what it means to go out to dinner.) Owner George is a wonderful host.

Here is the inn at dusk. Love the widow's peak.

Epic B&B weekend - D1 #1 - dawn

Day 1 post 1 - A couple birds on the feeder as we make final preparations for departure on our B&B weekend.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Epic B&B weekend is upon us!

Our B&B weekend
in the Finger Lakes region
is hours away!
Watch this space!