Thursday, September 5, 2019

France day 3-4 of 17, Notre Dame and photobombed at Versailles

We are in the fourth day of out trip to France. I thought this selfie was cute, in which a bronze statue called "La Loire" (a representation of the Loire River) seems to have leaned into our photo. This is in the gardens outside the palace at Versailles. The gardens and palace are quite fantastic. These are run by the state and are not as commercialized as, well, anything in America.
We saw Notre Dame from a tour boat on our third day.

As you may know, there was a fire at Notre Dame Cathedral a few months ago. This first photo from BEFORE THE FIRE comes from HERE.
This next photo was taken by Gary during a boat tour down the Seine, from almost the exact same angle. You can see how the roof is gone, to the right of the twin towers. The center area scaffolding was probably there before the fire, since it is believed the fire was caused by an accident during a renovation project. At the right edge of the photo is more construction material, and I think that might be a recent roof covering. Also notice that the center spire is almost gone, having burned and collapsed.

I am not sure why the text colors changed here.

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