Sunday, September 8, 2019

France day 7 of 17, flea market

France trip, day 8, Sept 9, we have no pre-booked tours on this day, but we had planned for some time to spend the day at the flea markets. There are a few well known markets around Paris. We visited the largest, Marché aux puces á Saint Ouen.

This is a large shopping area for antiques and other old and new articles. Clothing, footwear, music, artwork, jewelry, etc. There are indoor shops, permanent stalls along outdoor sidewalks, and some less permanent stalls for the new stuff like sneakers and coats and hats. Overall, it is a maze of stalls on the north side of Paris. There are some inexpensive things, but overall, I did not find the merchandise inexpensive.

Although there are some curiosities in the shops, I didn't take any photos here except at a good café, Le Voltaire. You see here the photo of my Pelforth beer, which I had never had before. Pelforth is a French beer, a little dark, but not as malty as something like Guinness.

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