Thursday, June 13, 2024

Clouds? What clouds?

June 13, we are on the island of Santorini. Back on Mykonos, there's Susan with the moon. We have not seen a cloud since arriving in Greece, day or night. Our sunset cruise was very nice, but the horizon was very hazy. This is usually due to African dust across the Mediterranean. As far as I know, pollution is low, even in Athens.

However, the Greeks do like to drive, even at 2 euros per liter on the islands, i.e., $8 per gallon. A lot of that is tourism-related, but still, that's expensive.

Tomorrow we will visit some of the sites of Santorini. Everyone keeps telling us that the sunsets are the best on Santorini, but with the haze, I don't think we will try to get on the water for a sunset.

Yesterday's ferry ride from Mykonos was very exciting. The boat was to stop at Naxos first, but there was some sort of mechanical problem and all passengers had to disembark. On the ferries, customers drag in their luggage and dump it off in a common cargo area. When disembarking, you hope you can find you luggage again. We were dropped off at the Naxos port in the blazing sun for two hours until the replacement boat arrived.

The seating areas on the ferries are very nice, and this sort of mass public transportation is efficient and relatively inexpensive, but it is physically demanding and chaotic to board and exit with suitcases and carry-ons. Our hotel transfers to and from the ports have been pre-arranged (relatively expensive, but better than trying to get a bus or taxi on the spot).

Here is the Naxos port and Santorini:

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