Saturday, August 17, 2019

Vive la France, en 17 jours

Our trip to France starts in 17 days. Watch this space for daily info and photos once we get there. For now, a few practice posts. The most recent post appears at

We visited our travel agent today to pick up our final bits of travel information. Most of our transportation arrangements have been in place for a while, such as flight and train info, but we picked up invoices for some pre-planned group tours and asked a few final questions (like, will our room be ready at 8 am when we arrive at our first hotel - um, maybe).

I think travel agents are still relevant, especially for long trips. You can spend your life reading customer reviews for Paris hotels and still not be sure of what you'll find when you get there, but most agencies send their agents to the major tourist locations and have lots of recommendations and advice. Agencies have access to discounts that aren't available to private travelers. The internet does indeed make it possible for individuals to book everything on their own, but my experience with travel agents has always been good and financially beneficial.

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