Sunday, August 18, 2019

Vive la France, en 16 jours, coffee and church

Our trip to France starts in 16 days. Watch this space for daily info and photos once we get there. For now, a few practice posts. The most recent post appears at
Two topics today (before we travel) that will require revisiting after we get to France: Coffee and Church

Although we have many events planned, we'll be in France for 15 nights and will have free time. I have become a big fan of premium coffee over the last few years, as served in America. I drink a little espresso, but it's not something I sip on for a half hour (because the little cup is empty after three sips). According to the internet, shops in France prepare coffee in forms close to what we Americans think of as espresso.

I rarely put milk or sugar in my coffee, so it seems like I will need to experiment a bit. And that may not be so bad; after spending a couple weeks in England, I found pub beer at its pub temperature to be very enjoyable, and it remains different than American beer even in these days of craft brews. I have not traveled to Europe since 1990, so I am looking forward to writing my review of the French coffee scene.

Along with coffee, I am also a committed Episcopalian, which is the American denomination within the Anglican Community. Historically, "Anglican" refers to the church of England, started by Henry VIII when the Roman pope wouldn't annul Henry's marriages. We probably won't attend a church service in Paris, but there is an Anglican church in Nice, "Holy Trinity Nice" ("Sainte-Trinité Nice"), and this is where we can really meet the locals.

While we're in France, we will meet many people, but most of them will be serving us in some way (hotel staff, tour guides, etc.). But, by attending a church service, we will meet fellow Christians (specifically, Anglicans) in their local house of worship (and one wonders whether the concept of "coffee hour" is universal).

I might drink a few glasses of wine in France, but I am also hoping for great coffee and church experiences.

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