Sunday, June 16, 2024

Santorini, Greece wrapup

June 15, Santorini, Greece.

We finally got to see the perfect sunset, right from the walkway outside our room.

We have another day to have dinner in the village of Oia, then flying back home on June 17.

The islands are nice with good food and great views, but you can't really walk anywhere unless you get a room in a village. But in most cases, the resort class properties with views or beaches are not in the villages, so you have to find transportation to get anywhere. There is public transportation, which we have not tried, but the crowds and traffic can be very heavy, so it's a lot easier to get a driver. Uber seems to be available from our hotel, but we have used pre-booked drivers on Santorini or a service booked by our hotel.

Here is a view from the Santo winery near Pyrgos. This is supposedly the premier winery in Greece. I bought six bottles with shipping to the USA, about 200 euros.

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