Monday, September 6, 2021

Happy Hawaiian Holiday - day 1 - we arrived


We have arrived on the big island of Hawaii at a Hilton property. That's Greg, Susan, Gary, Dan. Lauren.

The flight from Rochester to Chicago was full, but the flight to Kona was only a third full, so we each had a row of three seats. Entry into Hawaii went smoothly with a lot of online preparation required by Hawaii, although Greg is still waiting for his checked bag. The bag either never made it to Chicago, or missed the connection to Hawaii, we'll know more tomorrow.

The weather was overcast in Hawaii with a few sprinkles. We checked in and had dinner an went to the grocery store.


  1. Glad you're all together starting this memorable vacation! Wow, seeing empty seats on an airplane is unheard of nowadays! Glad you had some time to yourselves on this leg of the flights. Hope your luggage shows up today! Enjoy.

  2. The luggage has been returned to Greg.