Monday, August 30, 2021

Happy Hawaiian Holiday - day "minus 6" - counting the restrictions


Another day, another possible restriction for travelers and residents in Hawaii. Well, COVID won't be spread by me, so I just need to be careful not to catch it from whoever is doing all the spreading.

Today, the lieutenant governor suggested there could be a stay-at-home order for Labor Day weekend (that's this coming weekend). The governor walked that back, slightly, but the leaders are clearly concerned. We arrive Sunday afternoon. Maybe they'll keep us at the airport until Tuesday.

I don't mean to trivialize the dangers of the pandemic. People are dying. But again, there is little danger from my family group, and our activities are pretty safe (mostly outdoors, even the luau) throughout the trip.

It's just hard to take all the comments at face value. There are a lot of conflicting constituencies pressuring the elected leaders, but few actual orders over the last few weeks.

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