Saturday, July 27, 2019

Keep those cats inside

NY State has outlawed the declawing of cats. Now it's time for leash laws!
I don't care whether declawing is legal or not, but declawing does not seem much more inhumane or painful than spaying/neutering.
But, there IS SUFFERING related to cats. Housecats and feral cats kill huge numbers of songbirds and small mammals ( ). Also, while I don't shed tears over the occasional dead cat on a roadway, a run-in with a car seems a lot more painful than getting declawed. It is still legal to let housecats roam free.
If Gov. Cuomo and his donors and lobbyists actually care about cats, they won't pussyfoot around with restrictions on controlled medical procedures; they will actually keep cats and birds safe.
Hey, if we can't safeguard our elections from the Russkies, at least we can protect our cats.

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